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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fly-ing Season Where Flies Fly Freely

In Southern Seberang Perai right now, it's kind of fly-ing season. I know that this region is of one of the main suppliers for several kinds of meats and fleshes, be it of chicken or tonyok one. But to say that the flies come so far from that places just to land on other tidier ones like Econsave and my house is too much a statement. It cannot make sense at all.

Last time, we used to get lidis; the backbone of a coconut leaf and put the sticky dark brown thing with weird smell around it. Once a fly lands, its feet will stick to the lidi forever. Lo and behold, never ever get yourselves stick to it, especially when there is a platoon of flies die a martyr. What more when your precious clothes are getting involved.

Anyway, the flies keep coming and I don't possess any device to stop them. Except:
(i) Getting leaves of 'karepuley' (I try to spell it as close as we here pronounce it) or 'daun kari', and place them at strategic locations in my house; such as on dining table, kitchen cabinets, bed rooms and other appropriates we can think of.

(ii) Light candles and put them also at strategic locations.

I just cross my fingers and hope those methods will work!

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