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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Diapers for Our Baby: Of Mamy Poko's and Huggies

Just now my housemate and I went to a baby shop nearby. Its name

is Winsome Baby World. The purpose is of course to buy my baby's necessities.

Actually, the shop has opened for about two years. That's according to the owner (from my observation), a Chinese 40-something lady who manned the cash-register machine and looked naturally customer-friendly. She even came out from his counter territory just to serve me with a pamphlet for  free health-checkup by somebody from a health products company. I did notice her effort at first, but I didn't think the pamphlet is for me.

We asked her about Mamy Poko' diapers, since we experienced several times though at some places the price is relatively cheap but the diapers are so thin. So thin that it can't hold my baby's 'produced' long-time enough. We can't distinguished which is which is the original or piracy. According to the sister (auntie is too old, I guess), sometimes the diapers might be from Thailand which of lower quality. But she assured us that the products she sold are bought directly from certain party, but not wholesalers.

We bought Huggies Dry Pants just to give it a try, in hope that our baby will suit easily to it, compared with current conventional diapers which our baby always give us a run for our money just to put it on her. However, just in case there is no chemistry, we also bought her usual hard to wear Mamy Poko's diapers.

The other hidden agend to visit the shop is to see for ourselves if there is any opportunity to set up another baby shop in my hometown. Viewing the shopped shop, we felt we are able to set up better baby shop in terms of products varieties, arrangement and customer comfortability. But we do bear in mind that setting up that 'simple' shop itself already cost the company hundreds thousands of ringgit. So please calculate for yourself how much will it cost for a bigger shop of more than two shophouses units operating both levels.

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