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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ganu Nelang, Penang Malang

The first leg of Malaysia Cup semi-final just capped hours ago. Terengganu senior nailed down the Red Giants 2-0 at the latter’s home turf, or shall I say, paddy field after harvest. That’s our state-level football field, gentlemen. Nothing to be proud of. High time for FAS to ponder about synthetic field. That sentul stuff aside, Terengganu deserves to win. I wonder if Irfan Bakti will be considered as Harimau Malaya next head coach after his Midas touch with the Turtles, something our King fails to unearth with the same bunch of players.
Why did I support Terengganu? Apart from personal matter, Pulau Pinang are too far bottom league dweller in Premier League this season, the same repeated feat during Super League last season. They even have to play in the league third-tier, Liga FAM, next season. No way for them to make a comeback to a higher tier in the soonest time possible, as long as the not so creative fella at helm. If he’s so creative, he would not propose the idea of using sin taxes for football development. “KITA serupa”, there goes a song by Headwind.

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