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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bye-Bye Emergency, Bye-Bye ISA

People; ordinary or from the other side of political divide may perceive him as carrying loads of political baggage. Easy target, some may say. But never jump on the same typical bandwagon. The Malaysian 6th premier still spares several strategic aces up his sleeves.

Just now, he tackled and untangled another issues which haunting Malaysia for years, and keep on harping by anti BN parties. From announcement of discontinuement of the Emergency Ordinance post May 13 which put Malaysia under MAGERAN (leaving Brunei alone under emergency period), to the abolishment of Internal Security Act (ISA). For days ahead until the next 13th General Elections, good publicity and public image will afloat, thanks greatly to the brouhaha of mainstream media. Big difference between those who at helm in Putrajaya and those who are still crawling towards the administrative city. The former, with power, realizing, the latter best effort is only barking. After PRU things are going to be different in terms and tones, tougher maybe, but for now the government of the day will happily ride on positive sentiments.

That aside, if the opposition is able to capitalise on the new development, another giant rally will once again rocks Kuala Lumpur, prior to the incoming battle.

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