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Thursday, 15 September 2011

An E-Mail From Mr. Ban Ki Moon

Those scumbags + jabronis in the cyberspace know no limit in pulling others into their traps. Last time, in Malaysia we frequently received e-mails from so-called rich Nigerians seeking our help in million dollars worth transaction. In the past such scam involved unknown persons, now they begin to put other luminaries into works. Today, in my inbox appears one of the most influential name internationally; Ban Ki Moon. For those who wonder who the man is, he is the Secretary General of the United Nations. Logically, the man with lots of responsibility surely has no time and no intention at all to involve with such scam. With Israel - Palestine issues keep worsening, and Libya still not stable though Ghaddafi has been ousted, Mr. Ban has much more important matters to attend to. But we never know if there are other naive Netizens who will become victims, simply by looking at Mr. Ban's name at glance in their e-mail inbox. Hence, I take this opportunity to help prevent it, read my lips - DON'T BELIEVE SUCH E-MAILS SUCH AS BELOW!

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