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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Organic Vegetables: Of Mat Saman Kati, GK Farm and Vegeboy

The real Mat Saman Kati, Allahyarham Tok Guru
Before, I used to think that organic vegetables = natural vegetables. However, after reading MSK's recent blog entry, my perception changed. Organic vegetables are of course better than the pesticidesed-vegetables most of us consumed now, but the former still can't beat natural vegetables. By reading the entry also, it just condolidates my already cemented opinion that there are so many loopholes need to be fixed when it comes to Malaysian standard.
Anyhow, I got some exciting info, besides the enlightenment, that there are nearer and fuss-less ways for me to get the organic vegetables. I can either go to GK Farm which situated somewhere in secluded area of Bangi, or give a call to Vegeboy for delivery.
I would love to have more Muslims Malays in this niche market, but for the time being, I will make do with my fellow Malaysians.

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