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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Similac LF: Probably The Answer For Our Almost 9-Months Old Baby

My baby is not feeling well lately. When consulted a paediatrician at a clinic nearby, he said it might be due to food or formula milk. He suggested a soy-based formula milk, Melilea. Have a try for a week or two, just to soothe the inner parts of the infant’s stomach. Then revert to formula milk once again.

Before giving my baby the Melilea, her mother checked first the info regarding the milk thru Internet. What a surprise! The milk is manufactured in China! Well, the doctor told us before to be careful about whence formula milks were coming from. Because in Europe, if the mills are situated in countries nearby Chernobyl, chances are fat that the radioactive effects still there and will harm babies and infants who consume the milks. The same goes with Japan-originated formula milks, the doctor uttered. With that in mind, known that China throws their spanner into works surely didn’t help either. The soys are farmed there, that's the key point. So many things played in minds. What more with stinky smell every time we concoct the milk for the little one. Sniffing the cleaned bottle alone after using the milk is of much terrible, try imagine drinking it like my baby did several times. So, we decided to look for other brands. After all, Dutch Lady’s still giving her the usual dhiarrea, while almost other brands we tried during her early months failed miserably, even S26 Gold, the most expensive one.
The search brought us to a branch of Allcare Pharmahealth at Section 9, Bangi. The friendly and helpful woman in tudung-clad pharmacist, I guessed the owner suggested us Similac LF (LF = Lactose-Free). Some babies are not comfortable with lactose, she added. Apart from that, she proposed to give my baby probiotic, good bacteria for there are in sachets or capsules. We later chose the later type to mix with the baby’s concocted milk.

Hope in 2 to 3 days time every thing will be back to normal for our child.

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