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Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Shameful Highways of The East Coast

Just arrived home after almost 10 hours journey from the Land of Faith. Rain cats and dogs along the east coast high ways. Musim tengkujuh is coming, proved by a snippet from local radio station featured an officer from Welfare Department who said they are on stand-by mode (freezing annual leaves, setting-up relocation centres, stocking-up foods and clothes for potential victims etc.).

A long stretch of highway definitely no match to PLUS highways. Bumpy roads every where, flooded with water at certain points, jeorpadising lives of drivers and bikers. Living proof of substandard works though handsomely paid. Lack of enforcement at early stages, irresposible and negligence of whomsoever parties involved, which only bring whatever corruption look-alike connotation we the public can ever think of.

What a waste of rakyat's money!


Anonymous said...

very true indeed. i ve experienced the horror of traveling along the east coast highway during the wee hour... let alone the dark of the night, but the bumpy road really annoyed me. Haisyhhhh!!!!!


adamghedodin said...

Thanks AR. I guess there are many more out there who experienced almost similar situation.