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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Memorable Moments: Past Captured, Present Absurd

When I was a boy, my father brought me to somewhere around Pulau Pinang’s town area, Georgetown maybe. He gave me an opportunity to choose whichever camera I liked, as a present for 4As in UPSR. Finally, I chose one, with tripod. I have forgotten the brand, but if memory serves me right, the price tag would be somewhere in the range of hundreds. At that time digital camera was yet to hit the market, but even the not so slim and sophisticated type powered by 36-exposure Kodak (or may simply be Fuji) film would not come cheap.

Fast forward to the day of today. Wani has just officially proclaimed as an undergraduate while only several hours ago Dilah received her scroll as a graduate, both from different universities in the northern Peninsular of Malaysia.

So the question is, what should I reward them? DSLR each? Well, quite far beyond my affordability. The basic 8GB Samsung or Olympus branded ones already cost almost 2k.

I am still pondering.

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