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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Blues for Terengganu

The day Chelsea squandered five at home to Arsenal, that night Terengganu blew away their lead goal only to allow Negeri Sembilan lifting Malaysia Cup for the second time in ten years. Personally, I go for the East Coast side, for several reasons, apart from personal.
-        Compared to the State of Nines which trips to Final are so frequent (as if going to grocery store) in these recent years, the Turtles only managed to do so in 2001, luckily the won.
-        The Nelang supporters need to endure a very, very long rainy journey to and fro Shah Alam, in contrast with the Hobins. Being in the winning side will make their travel back home less taxing.
-        It is time for several of their internationals to prove to the national coach that they deserve to play for Malaysia, not just warming the bench.
-        I like it when Terengganu building-up their play, it is akin to the ones in top leagues, though minus top speed.
The first 15 minutes, however, showed that when it matters almost, experiences definitely prevailed. Terengganu, except for their captain, had nobody in 30s and none ever tasted such atmosphere. It is true there were several internationals, but this was different ball game. Negeri Sembilan, on the other hand, started with at least five experienced players in terms of ages; Hai-O, Idris Karim, Shukor Adan, Norhafiz Zamani Misbah, Irwan Fadli Idrus. The presence of these guys helped stabilised their fellas composure.
When Terengganu scored first through the potential Man of the Match, Ashaari Samsuddin, I still reserved my confidence, because of what happened to Negeri Sembilan when they played Kelantan last year. True to my hunch, this time around Negeri Sembilan did the same thing with the same number of goals. To made it more hurtful, the destroyer was none other than Terengganu’s own abandoned son (or did he in the first place abandoned his state?), the most likely sought-after player when this season is over.
My advice for Terengganu, do think about recruiting several senior players for next year. Negeri Sembilan did it, and tonight it seems worth it and fruitful. Come back next year, and come back stronger!


remgold said...

Agrh! camner Ganu Kite boleh kalah?
ish, kena ketok ketampi 1000 kali ni.

adamghedodin said...

Bile over kongfideng gitu le jadinye. Ambe marfanoid, dok buleh buak kije ketok ketampi banyok gitu, hok moleknye sub ke players & coach. Ke guane? (Buruk aih cakap Terengganu macam tu).